The Kitchen

We’ve had friends and family over for dinner and we literally gather around the kitchen island!


This is what the kitchen used to look like! We have worked hard to make it our beautiful gathering place.

re modeling 112010 098

Kitchen Now!

DSC_1377 (2)

Breakfast Bar

DSC_1451 (3)

We do not have a dining room, so we eat our meals at the breakfast bar! We’ve had friends and family over for dinner and we literally gather around the kitchen island! It’s been fun! The living room will eventually be our dining room.

My mother gave me the milk pitcher and cups years ago.

DSC_1475 (4)

Opposite of the breakfast bar.

Paint color is Valspar Signature Satin, Montpelier Olive.

DSC_1441 (2)

DSC_1214 (3)


DSC_1556 (4)

DSC_1491 (2)

DSC_1386 (2)

Love my curtains! Thanks mom! She made these for me.

DSC_1521 (2)

 The glass lantern use to belong to Dale’s grandmother. She shared with us, in her youth, she would use this lantern while doing her school work.

DSC_1525 (2)

One of my hand made signs.

DSC_1307 (3)

DSC_1321 (2)

The wall color is Sandstone Cove, by Behr.

DSC_1545 (2)

DSC_1517 (2)


DSC_1407 (2)

DSC_1409 (2)

Our Kitchen

DSC_1494 (3)

Thank you for stopping by for a visit!

“The best of times are always found when Friends & Family gather around.”

6 comments on “The Kitchen”

  1. Wow! Beautiful job!! You give me hope for a similar project we will be undertaking soon as my style is very similar to yours. 🙂

    Can I ask the name of the “tan” paint color you used for the walls? It looks like the perfect color for our family room. Thank you!


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