Sewing Chair

Chris kept the integrity of the chair by not covering the legs!

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Hello everyone! Today was the day I was hoping to feature my dressing room. Dale made a last minute change, he wanted to add a door (closet side) where the built in shelves are and shelves to go above the clothes rods. I wanted to wait until it’s completely done to show you. Believe me it will be worth the wait! The room looks fabulous! I will feature the dressing room sometime in February. For now I would like to blog about my chair that will go in my dressing room.

Dale found this chair along the side of the road in someone’s trash. Thank goodness my husband rescued this lovely chair, it’s a sewing chair! When he brought the chair home we carefully opened the chair in hopes of finding some hidden treasure. Ha-ha! We found assorted threads, needles, old patterns and sewing machine parts. The chair is very comfortable to sit on and I use it when I put my makeup on. With the new dressing room coming soon, it’s time for a chair makeover!


I know a friend who is crafty and asked her if she knew anything about recovering chairs and she said she did! When I explain to her about the sewing chair she immediately wanted to take on the project! Her name is Chris Clayton! I showed Chris pictures of the chair and we talked about how she could recover it. I purchased the fabric and completely trusted Chris to do whatever she wanted to do with the chair.


DSC_1197 (2)


Chris kept the integrity of the chair by not covering the legs. The legs are a great feature! I love the simple look and am very pleased with the way it turned out! Another great feature, I can easily take the fabric apart if I need to wash the cover. Chris did an awesome job! I wanted to pay Chris for a job well done but she insisted that I not! Chris said, “You and Dale have been so busy working hard on your renovation, I want to do this for y’all.”  Dale and I feel really blessed that Chris wanted to do this for us, which is why I wanted to mention her in my blog today.

Chris Clayton


Chris thank you so much! Dale and I appreciate you and the job you’ve done to my treasured sewing chair!

 Thank you for visiting Phillips Place Renovations!

“The Heart that Gives, Gathers.” -Tao Te Ching


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