Walls & Baseboards


Our mobile home walls had those ugly thin strips that cover the seams between the wall panels and were popping loose. There are many options on how to cover the seams, but our time and budget was limited! We did something unconventional, instead we emphasize the seams.

Dale used 3/4 BC plywood and ripped it into 3 1/2 inch strips to cover the seams. He also used the same size strips to lay the baseboards down and continued by applying the trim around all the hall doors. Much more cost effective and easier using the same measurements.

I think the walls look great! I feel by accenting them instead of hiding them gave a unique look.

The crown molding had already been installed when we purchased our home, which I thought was a big plus! The combination of the trim, crown molding and baseboards just gives it all a wonderful feel.


Thank you for visiting the Phillips Place!

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