Vinyl Tiles

After reviewing our options we chose Vinyl Tiles, they have held up very well!


Once we replaced the old floors with new plywood, we went over our options on what kind of floor we wanted to install. The home originally had carpet in the living room and bedrooms. The kitchen had linoleum. I wanted hardwood floors, but the expense was expensive and not a good idea for a mobile home, that moves. The area where we live, the ground seems to move a lot. Since we’ve been here, we’ve had to level our home twice. We needed something more flexible.

After reviewing we decided to install vinyl tiles. I am very happy with the tiles, they have held up very well! We live on a dirt road and have had many people go in and out the house! My daughter and her husband moved here, while their house was being built and along with them, their two cats and a big dog! I was so worried that the dog was going to scratch the floors.

When my husband ask me what kind of floors I wanted in my dressing room? I knew I wanted vinyl tiles! He thought I would choose carpet and maybe that would be a good chose, but I really like how easy it is to clean the tiles. To clean you simply use mild soap and water, that’s it! No special cleaners! Vacuuming is easy to! I use a small light weight vacuum cleaner (Dirt Devil) made for floors. It’s easier to pull out and do a quick touch up cleaning! Another reason we pick the tiles it’s affordability!

When you purchase the vinyl tiles they are ready to peel and stick! For extra bonding Dale added vinyl tile glue, which also help seal the wood. After five years the floors still look wonderful!

Installing vinyl tiles, future dining room and kitchen. (Novalis Home Fashion, Naturale Series)

re modeling 112010 066 (2)re modeling 112010 071 (2)

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re modeling 112010 070 (2)

Bathroom vinyl tiles, we chose a lighter color.

DSC_1154 (2)DSC_1159 (4)

Future dressing room. (Armstrong, Terraza Grand) purchase at Lowe’s Hardware store.

DSC_0685 DSC_0672 (2)

A man’s home is his wife castle. (Alexander Chase)

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3 comments on “Vinyl Tiles”

  1. I’m installing vinyl tiles in my home. My allergies and need for an easy to clean house is my reason. I love them. My pattern is similar to yours: Stainmaster Corsica and I have the lighter version Crushed Shells in my Home Office. I am inspired by your blog. Great Job!!


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