Celebrating 5 Years

We’ve been here five years! From a deer cabin to a place we now call, “Home Sweet Home.”


We’ve been here five years! As much as I would like to be done renovating; I’ve accepted it’s okay that we are not. Life happens!  We have taken some breaks from renovating due to lack of funds, illnesses, and sometimes from being plain burnt out! When it’s only two people working together it takes time.

You might be asking why take on such a big task. Well, Dale and I feel really blessed to have found this place. I was looking on the internet (dreaming) when I saw the property listed for sale. First thing I noticed was the price! It was affordable. Second, we like the idea living in a smaller community away from the city. Third, we love the space! Our lot is 5/8 of an acre, not to small, not to big, just right! This place definitely needed some tender, love and care and I believe we were the right people for the job.

A neighbor came inside our home once, he walked in, stopped, looked around and said “You know, this place is nice, feels like a real home.” His comment made me smile, because that is what we are trying to accomplish! From a deer cabin to a place we now call, “Home Sweet Home.”

re modeling 112010 014 (2)

Picture above, finished replacing most of the floors. You can see walls have not been painted yet. Before standard door was installed.

DSC_0819 (2)

Above picture taken in the Spring.

DSC_0559 (2)

Fall leaves falling.

We have so much more in store. Check us out from time to time to see what’s happening at the Phillips Place!

“There’s no place like home.” (L. Frank Baum)

2 comments on “Celebrating 5 Years”

  1. Hey Elizabeth and Dale,
    You two should be very proud of all of your hard work and mostly YOUR TLC…Your home is fabulous. …

    Cindy Khaef


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