Front Door Curb Appeal

Newly painted front door, topped off with nice house numbers.


“I feel so adventurous. There are so many doors to be opened, and I’m not afraid to look behind them.” (Elizabeth Taylor)

I don’t watch much television, but if I do, it’s usually the DIY shows! One of my favorites is Curb Appeal. Most of their episodes presents a nice entry way, by installing a new or painted door and they top it off with nice house numbers. I really wanted to do something to give our front door some curb appeal.

First I painted the door inside and out. Afterwards I searched and found house numbers at our local hardware store. The problem was I wanted to put the numbers above the door, but the trim wasn’t wide enough. I asked my carpenter (husband) if there was anyway he could put wider trim above the door. When my husband installed the standard size door he worked around the siding of the house. Originally the home had a smaller door and he didn’t want to cut the siding above the door. Dale put his thinking cap on and figured a way to install the trim without disturbing the siding. He is smart like that. (Smiles)

The trim was cut to size, little screwing and some paint. It was ready! The house numbers came with a template which made it easier to apply the numbers.

The door definitely has curb appeal. It’s the little things that make a big difference! Don’t you think? We already had some spare wood for the trim and paint. I spent less than $55.00 for the numbers and paint. The time and effort was worth it!

The door paint color, Behr Estate Vineyard, Trim, Behr Ultra Pure White.

Thank you so much for stopping by the Phillips Place!

IMG_2192 (2)

                   IMG_2178    IMG_2184 (2)

IMG_2454 (2)

    IMG_2452_edited-1 (2)  IMG_2460 (2)

Before the wider trim.

IMG_2461 (2)

IMG_2467 (3)


DSC_0328 (2)


Author: Elizabeth Phillips

Life style blogger. Wife to Dale Phillips, Mother to two daughters Irene and Mary and a grandmother of four. Love photography and all forms of art. Love reading books, magazines and the bible. My all time favorite is enjoying a cup of coffee with a friend. Good conversations happen when drinking coffee together! Most of all I love hanging out with my husband, he is the coolest guy I know.

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