Out with the old and in with the new!

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re modeling 112010 025

Once our home was leveled we continue to replace the floors with new 3/4 plywood. We also had water damage to some of the exterior walls, which we replaced with new wood.The handiest tool was using the sawzall! It literally saws through anything! This tool was the best at cutting the old floors out. My husband carried it around like it was his warrior weapon and it was! Out with the old and in with the new!

re modeling 112010 029

re modeling 112010 028

We worked every weekend from dawn till dusk and sometimes way past dusk. It took us approximately five weekends to complete the floors to a small bathroom, hall, living room and kitchen. Three rooms down! More rooms to go!

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Author: Elizabeth Phillips

I'm an early riser, just can't wait to see what the day has to offer! Lately on a Dunkin Donut kick, love their Latte's. I enjoy hanging out with my husband Dale, he is the coolest guy I know! Recently discovered Instagram! You can find me at brownblueyed. Most importantly enjoying the simple things in life.

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